Device Authorizations

Without an authorization, the programmed devices will time-out after 2 hours of continuous use.

For devices with an LCD display, a "timeout" message will be displayed. For non-LCD devices, the LEDs will start flashing back and forth. In both cases, re-powering the device will reset the time-out period.

Devices are almost always pre-authorized when shipped. However, in some cases, a customer purchasing a large number of devices may be able to get a better price point if they license the devices themselves. In that case, an MBus_ioFlash USB key will be necessary. To purchase a key, you can contact DataNab support. With the key inserted MBus_ioFlash will authorize devices automatically while downloading the device's program.  If a non-authorized device is encountered during program download, the user will be prompted to allow one of the licenses to be used to authorize the device. Once authorized a device remains authorized for life, and you will not need a USB key and you will not be prompted for authorization during future downloads to that device. Whenever a new device is authorized, the number of available licenses on the USB key decreases by one unit. You can verify the number of available licenses on your MBus_ioFlash USB key at any time by accessing the About... box from the Help menu.