MBus_ioFlash Pro Authorization

Without an authorization, the MBus_ioFlash Pro software will time-out after 15 minutes. There are two ways to authorize your Pro version:

USB authorization key A USB key can be used to authorization MBus_ioFlash PRO on your computer. (This same key can also be used for the device authorizations as explained in the Device Authorization section.) Any computer with the key inserted can run MBus_ioFlash Pro. You can purchase a new key for this purpose or you can add a MBus_ioFlash Pro authorization to an existing MBus_ioFlash USB key that may have been purchased earlier for device licensing. An existing key can be upgraded via a program sent by e-mail. 
Licensing file The more common method is for a Licensing file to be added to the MBus_ioFlash Pro installation folder. The file allows a specific computer to be authorized to run MBus_ioFlash Pro. The file is sent via e-mail, no physical shipping involved. To authorize your MBus_ioFlash PRO copy, after installing the downloaded version just copy the Installation Code from the Help / Authorization menu (see image below) and email it to DataNab. DataNab can use that code to generate a valid license file for your computer and email that file to you. That file will need to be copied into the MBus_ioFlash PRO installation directory.

The advantage of using a USB key is you can move it to any computer, while the licensing file only authorizes one specific computer. The disadvantage of the USB key is that it costs more and you also have to pay for shipping, and if you lose it you have to buy a new one.