Adding Communication Nodes (Pro version only)

The Pro version of MBus_ioFlash introduces support for multiple communication networks in the same project. Following the  Project->New Project command, the user is presented with a blank window.

When the command Device -> Add Device(s) is selected from the top menu bar, the dialog box shown below will be displayed:


When adding a communication network, you can set it initially to any of the supported communication methods (serial port connection to the RS485 network or an Ethernet Modbus Gateway connection. Later by clicking on the network connection icon you can change the network type and associated network parameters.

The window below shows a project with some communication networks.

Selecting one of the COMM ports on the left and using the same Device -> Add Device(s) command from the top menu bar, will produce the same window like in the standard MBus_ioFlash version, allowing the user to add end devices to a specific network: