Communication Nodes

A communication node represents a communication path with the MBus_ioFlash devices of a project.

MBus_ioFlash Basic supports only a single communication node while MBus_ioFlash Pro supports several communication nodes within the same project. Selecting the respective COMM icon on the project tree displays the communication configuration parameters. 

All MBus_ioFlash compatible devices support the Modbus RS485 RTU communication protocol. Serial communication parameters are set to 19200 / 8-N-1, i.e. 19200 BAUD, 8 data bits, no parity, and one stop bit. The MBus_io12_LCD and MBus_io14_DIN devices allow different BAUD rate settings but the 8-N-1 parameters are fixed. 

Regardless of the type of communication network selected, you can define a name for the communication node. The Apply button makes effective all changes done by the user.