Device's History tab (Pro version only)

The History tab provides a live and/or historical graphic view of the device's parameters. By default, all of the device's defined blocks are added to the list of viewable parameters. The actual parameters displayed  on the graph will be the selected items from the list, standard Windows list selection operations are supported, click-and-drag, shift-click, ctrl-click, etc. Once selections are done you can retract the list box (< button) to provide more space to view the graph. 

The Scan button () will start scanning the device. Once started, scanning for the device will continue even if you move to a different tab or to a different device. All devices can retain a minimum of 20 minutes of historical data. The scroll bar and zoom buttons just below the graph will allow you to select which portion of the historical data is to be displayed. 

The Live button () puts the graph in live mode so that the time scale is continuously adjusted to display the new live data being scanned. 

Hovering over a curve with the mouse will highlight that curve and also an annotation is shown indicating the value and time for that point on the curve. You can create a permanent annotation by clicking the mouse on any point along a curve. Note also that the scale on the left reflects the currently selected parameter. The min and max values for the scale come from the block's definition in the programming tab.