MBus_io12_LCD User Interface

Selecting a parameter

The exterior Left/Right buttons will allow you to cycle through the parameters available for display. The name of the parameter is displayed momentarily and then its value is displayed. The available parameters will depend on the MBus_ioFlash device display configuration. In the normal user mode, if the user interface is left idle for more than five seconds, it will return to the default parameter automatically. 

Changing a value

Once a parameter is selected you can use the interior Up/Down buttons to modify the parameter's value. Pressing once changes the value by one, holding the button will cause it to auto increment or decrement, the longer you hold the button the faster the value is changed. Note that parameter must be defined with the "Write" attribute by the MBus_ioFlash device display configuration in order for it to be changeable. 

Administrator Mode

There are two modes of operation for the user interface, normal user mode and administrator mode. To switch from one mode to the other press and hold the two bottom buttons until the current mode is displayed ( user / Admin ), continue holding for an additional two seconds and the mode will change. If the user interface is left idle for more than five minutes it will return automatically to user mode.