DI Digital Input Block

Digital input (DI) blocks represent a physical digital input on the device. 

DI definition parameters

Parameter Description
Name Function block name, see common parameters
N.O. / N.C. Indicates the type of digital input used, normally open or  normally closed. If set to N.O. (normally open) the input value is inverted so that the value indicated  is zero(off) when the switch is open.

Note that there are two special type of digital input blocks: 

1). - digital input block that is created automatically on the programming page for the specific case of the MBus_io14_DIN device, as part of a mechanism to monitor the output switches' position. These blocks are enabled via check-boxes provided in the Hardware Configuration tab. When a checkbox at the left side of a specific output is enabled in the Hardware Configuration Tab, two corresponding digital inputs will be automatically created on the programming page (ONx and OFFx, where x is the switch position)

Value of these blocks is determined as follows:
- the monitored switch is in the HAND position: ONx=1 and OFFx=0,
- the monitored switch is in the OFF position: ONx=0 and OFFx=1,
- the monitored switch is in the AUTO position: ONx=0 and OFFx=0.

2). - MPB digital block, automatically shows on the programming page for devices with an embedded Momentary Push-Button input (the MPB block, example: MBus_io12_LCD). The MPB block can be defined in the project as being Normally Open or Normally Closed. This digital input corresponds to a physical button on the device, can be pushed by the user to toggle the pre-defined value.

Momentary Push-Button digital input