CLK Clock Function Block
(Pro version only, RTC devices only)

The Clock (CLK) function block allows the creation of schedules using the on-board real-time-clock (RTC) available for certain devices devices. This block is only available in the PRO version and currently only for MBus_io12_LCD and MBus_io14_DIN devices.

CLK definition parameters

Parameter Description
Name / Modbus Reg no. Function block name, see common parameters

Clock daily schedule setup

see image below


Seven tabs are available to define a different time schedule for each day of the week or group of days. Simply select all the days that will apply to the selected tab. 

Clicking and dragging the cursor over the time axis will define the periods of the day for which the block output is to be ON.

The time axis can be zoomed to 8-hours, 12-hours, or 24-hours visible length, scroll buttons are also available below the axis.