Analog F(x) Function Block

The analog F(x) function block will allow you to derive a value from an arbitrary mathematical formula involving any output from the device's existing function blocks. You can mix analog and digital values liberally. A digital value used in an analog context has the value 1.0 (On) or 0.0 (Off), and an analog value used in a digital context is On (value != 0.0) or Off (value = 0.0). The output of the block is an analog value.

Analog F(x) definition parameters

Parameter Description
Name Function block name, see common parameters
Units Parameter's engineering units, see common parameters
Scale Parameter's scale, see common parameters
Format Parameter's format, see common parameters
Formula The mathematical formula to compute the block's output value.

The  mathematical formula can contain the following operators:

Mathematical Operators

Operator Description
+  Add
- Subtract
* Multiply
/ Divide

Comparison Operators

Operator Description
> Greater Than
< Less Than
>= Greater Than or Equal
<= Less Than or Equal
= Equal

Boolean Operators

Operator Description
! not NOT
& and AND
| or OR

Operator Precedence

Operator precedence is divided into three groups as shown below. Multiple operators from the same group are evaluated left to right. You can use parenthesizes liberally to force a particular evaluation order as required.

Precedence Operators
Highest  !  () 
   *  /  &
Lowest  +  -  >  <  >= <= = | 

Supported functions

Operator Description
dt() The elapsed time interval, in seconds, since last iteration
sin(x) Trigonometric SIN function x is in radians
cos(x) Trigonometric COS function x is in radians
sqrt(x) Square root 
min(x,y) lesser of  x or y
max(x,y) greater of  x or y
mod(x,y) Floating point modulus, remainder of x / y
exp(x) returns the exponential function of its argument; i.e., e to the power of x. - MBus_io12_LCD & MBus_io14_DIN only
log(x) returns the natural logarithm of 'x' - MBus_io12_LCD & MBus_io14_DIN only
pow(x,y) returns x raised to the power of y (x^y) - MBus_io12_LCD & MBus_io14_DIN only