RDV Remote Digital Value Function Block
(Pro version only)

Remote Digital value (RDV) function blocks allow access to digital values from other devices on the network in a peer-to-peer fashion. These blocks are only available when there is a central MBus_ioFlash supervisor node present and active on the network.

RDV definition parameters

Parameter Description


 Function block name, see common parameters

 DYN dynamic option, see common parameters
Time-out Parameters: Time-out The maximum time (optionally expressed in hours, minutes or seconds via radio buttons) between updates from the remote device. If the value is not refreshed within this time the remote device is considered off line and the block goes into a default state until the remote device resumes updates.
Time-out Parameters: Default Value The value to use when the block is in the default state.
Network Parameter: Comm COM port on which the device that contains the analog value is connected.
Network Parameter: Dev addr Modbus address of the device on the RS485 network that contains the digital value.
Network Parameter: Block name The name of the analog block within the device' program.