Password protected projects (Pro version only)

The Pro version of MBus_ioFlash allows creating password protected devices. Setting a password on a device prevents anyone else from uploading a programs into the device without the password.

The device program can be password protected by downloading a MBus_ioFlash project to it with a password set; as a consequence, the device will not accept any other program downloads unless the password is the same as it was when it was last programmed. To adjust the project's current password click "Clear" or "Set" password button on the Hardware Identification page as shown below. If you save a project to disk the currently set password will be saved with it.

For a password protected device: if the user introduces the correct password in the Password field, the project will be downloaded to the device with no issues. If the password is incorrect or missing from the Password field, the download will be blocked and a pop-up window will give the error: "Device is password protected!"

The password can be changed using the Set... button. It can also be deleted from the Set... button, by being replaced with a blank field. In both cases, user needs to know previous password.

Note that the Password parameter can use the () replicate button. This will allow you to replicate the information to other devices in one single operation, big time saver and also avoids typing errors.

Passwords also be set, for one or multiple devices, from the COMM Configuration page, see image below:

Note: To allow a user to view data from a password protected device, you can save a version of the same project with the password cleared and give this version to the user. With this project the user will be able to view data but won't be able to change the program because the correct password is not set.