The MBus_ioFlash project defines a particular set of devices available on a network (note: the FREE version of MBus_ioFlash supports a single network, while the PRO version offers support for multiple networks. The project file contains all the definitions of the project itself along with all the definitions of the associated devices in the project. Note that you can export the project's information via the Project/Export Project (CSV) menu option. This will dump the contents of the project into a CSV text file, currently only the device's name and the address is included in the file. 

Selecting the respective COMM icon at the root of the left hand side tree view displays the communication network configuration parameters. The actual devices connected will be added these nodes. 

Different types of communication networks are supported. Regardless of which type of communication network is selected you can define a name for the communication node. And also note that the Apply button makes effective all changes done by the user.

For detailed information on the available communication network types and their parameters, see Parameters of a Communication Node.