Viewer Page Run Mode (MBus_ioFlash Pro)

Access the Run Mode by clicking the gear button () to obtain a functional preview of your viewer pages. In the Run mode, graphs are updating with live data:

The graph is permanently updating with live data from the device. Available functions in the Run Mode are:
- zoom IN or OUT using the two buttons at the lower-left corner.
- stop and restart live data using the STOP/START button at the lower-right corner.
- SCROLL back to see history of the points that are tracked: click-and-hold, than drag to scroll.
- add data labels: hover the mouse over one data graph to get a live data value of the corresponding point. Click on the graph to place a permanent data label on the graph. Use the "X" button of the data label to remove it.

In the Run Mode, you can also check previously placed Bar-Graphs, Numeric Counters, LEDs, they will also be updating with live data. Links will allow you to browse through the pages of your Viewer.