TXT Text Function Block
(Pro version only)

The text function block sends a custom configurable text string to the LCD display. It allows the user to enter series of input values and the corresponding text string to be sent to the display. Note that for a specific input value, the system will choose the closest value in the list and sent the corresponding text string to the display.

Note: The TXT block value is considered Non-Volatile, so its value will be preserved on device re-powering.

TXT definition parameters

Parameter Description
Name Function block name, see common parameters
DYN dynamic option, see common parameters
/ Mixed inputs option, see common parameters
Input The input value that will select which text string to be sent to the display.
Default List Two default lists are provided for convenience (High Low and Weather Value), with common text strings. The user can choose one and push the Use Default button to enable it.
Output List of input values and respective output strings separated by a coma. One line per pair.